Hello World

Here I am wearing a lovely dress sewn by Patricia Brooks and a hat handmade by my person Miss Mary

The lovely picture was handstitched by Miss Mary’s dear mother Grandma Ruth who also had adopted a Raikes Hitty and was a dear friend of mine. I used to fly to Bridgeville Pa from Rock Hill, SC often to visit with them. Such sweet memories of good times.

My name is Hitty Ann Raikes. I am a 6 1/2″ handcarved wooden doll produced by Robert Raikes. Miss Mary and I do not travel so much any more due to real life problems but I am hoping her and I can have a few close to home adventures and photo opportunities which I can share here on my new blog.

I was adopted by Miss Mary on March 27th, 2004 while she was in attendance at a luncheon sponsored by Land of Sky Doll Club of Western North Carolina which was held at the Deer Park Inn at the Biltmore Estate in Ashevilke, NC.

I was actually the table prize and Miss Mary was randomly chosen to be my person. She was thrilled beyond words to have been the selected winner.

Since I was her very first Hitty to be adopted I became her “official travel doll”

Such a happy moment
Just saying!!

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