Hitty ann entertains December 18, 2022

Hitty jing jing hicks visits hitty ann

Hitty jing jing was carved from hard maple by Bruce and Fung Hicks. Her dress was also made by Fung Hicks.

wall quilt was sewn by Julie old crow and sent to us in a Christmas swap long ago


Last box has been un packed

October 26th 2022

No posts last two months due mostly to the fact that moving to michigan and unpacking and setting up the new house exhausted mama mary so completely that the teddy stuff did not get unpacked until this week, although sweetie bear and I have been sleeping in mamas room with her. We have been joined by a sweet kitten who used to reside with aunt geri. She is a cute little Grey and white kitty named Olivia, called Ollie for short, she will be sharing our clothing with us. Just one little problem — she has a long tail!- most of our clothing does not have tail holes, her poor little tail has to be tucked up out of the way. She doesn’t seem to mind. She loves all the attention she gets living with us.

Olivia the kitty
Oooo this tail is a problem!
Cuddling up in New pajamas

Our Hitty friends are unpacked, but are awaiting the finishing up of painting a cabinet for them in which they can reside,

Mama mary is in the process of painting an older cabinet for them to use until new room boxes can get built. The old room boxes did not make the cut this move. They had been moved so many times in the past that they were no longer stable or attractive. The plan is to replace them with the same type of boxes one at a time all winter long. Mama gained a lot of experience building the older ones and hopes to do a better job of building this time. It will be her big project after she gets her real life bedroom painted. So much to do. She has the time , it is just the energy that is lacking . Meanwhile the hittys hope to show up in a new post soon as the temporary cabinet is expected to be ready later this week.

Well take care everyone. It has been a long and arduous and emotional journey these last 6 months and we hope to establish “a new normal” soon.

Stay safe

Sandy bear

Just sayin

Road trip to jackson michigan

August 22, 2022

This past weekend sandy bear and shadow the dog accompanied mama mary on a road trip to jackson michigan. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Back seat during  drive
As always the nosiest dog in the world
Sandy ready for bed asking mama to play cards with her
Sandy deals out a game of uno
Cuddling up for bedtime
Packing up for drive back to Pennsylvania. Sandy expects rain along the way and she was correct.

The trip was productive. Mama and her husband made a successful offer on a home in Jackson and are now awaiting a completed inspection to make definite plans to move. It has been busy here back in Pennsylvania as us hittys have been packing literally for weeks and weeks. Which has been a real hard time for mama as she has also been packing up the house to be sold where our dear recently passed aunt geri lived.

Truly a year of great loss and change. Mama is overwhelmed and exhausted but is looking forward to a new begginning with great hope but of course some anxiety. She is trusting God for all things.

I will try to keep up with my blog. Mama has already packed my travel trunk before packing up the hitty home boxes and trunks so I will be ready for the next trip. So you will see me actively participating in this great new adventure soon. Estimated time of big move to New home is late September.

Take care all. Stay safe and well.

Hitty ann

Just saying

August 18, 2022

Hitty Ann and sandy have lunch at a dear friends lovely porch

It was a beauteful day and a bittersweet time of lunch without mamas dear twin sister my aunt geri who recently passed away,

Sandy bear prepares for her very first long road trip.

Please note sandy got a new adventure t shirt wear. She is so excited and can not wait to jump Into that backpack, her and shadow will be cuddling in the back seat with mama mary.
Here sandy checks out shadows travel bag to make sure she has everything she needs for the trip.

I am not going on this trip  mama mary will be doing supervision and security with shadow the dog and can not have too many distractions. This is shadows very first long road trip and stay in a hotel, and she has been known to get a bit car sick in the past. She will need a lot of attention.  If all goes well this trip there will be two more trips shortly and I will be going  on those trips for sure.  I  don’t mind. I am sure sandy bear will be a handful for mama mary also . When they get back they may have very big news.  I will post with updates soon.

Everybody stay safe and well.

Love hitty ann raikes

The twin teddys together

Honey bear and Becky bear are twin bears. They used to get together for special events . Honey bear used to live with aunt geri and even slept with mama mary when she spent the night at aunt geris. Now since aunt geri has passed, Honey bear now lives full time here at our house with her twin bear Becky bear.

These pictures were taken yesterday. The neighbor girls brought balloons for their birthday. They are wearing dresses purchased by aunt geri from tj Maxx years ago.. we all miss aunt geri very much but it is specially hard for honey bear who slept above aunt geris
head in bed with her. These are sad times.
This photo was taken Christmas 2021 much happier times.

I pity the ” darn fool ” who does not sleep with a teddy bear

Just saying.

My friend sandy bear gets a package

Hi everyone

My furry friend sandy bear received a purchase from a British eBay seller. She knits really cute clothing for bears and dolls.

I need to get mama mary to knit or crochet something new for me it has been a really long time since she has.

This is a cocheted kelly doll angel dress mama mary made for a dear friend who lives in another state.

Well I will post more later.

Tale care everyone,

Hitty ann raikes

Just saying

A flashback to camp forestview

Pictures taken at Camp Forestview last year

Miss Mary had a somewhat not so good week so we did not post this week, she decided to help me today, but we are going to do a flashback to photos taken last year while Hitty Belle and Hitty Lou and I were at camp.

While we were there we did some artwork
We also did some fishing
Hitty Lou and Hitty Belle slept in a tent but I wanted to sleep under the stars , so I did.

Here is a photo taken about 5 minutes ago out here on the porch. Miss Mary is knitting a heavy winter sweater and pant set for sandy bear to wear this winter. She is wearing her summer underwear purchased at a craft show in sc years ago. She is just so doggone cute. Please note shadow keeps guard over us all when we hang out on the porch

Just saying

A pretty little storage box

June 20, 2022

Miss Mary’s dear twin sister decoupaged this storage box for me a few years back. She used an unfinished ready made box and a paperback edition of hitty her first hundred years. I keep my special accessories in it.

By the way here is a picture taken tonight of
Sandy bear ready for bed wearing her new onesie knitted by a special lady in England and purchased on ebay.
Shadow the real life dog snuggles with sandy bear. Shadow thinks all pillows should be teddy bear shaped.

Yall take care. Stay safe.

Hitty Ann Raikes

Just saying

A few more of my friends

June 18, 2022

Well Here she is – the world renowned Miss Piggy. She is our hero because this pig knows how to have fun!!!
Two more of my molded hair kelly doll friends. They are wearing crocheted dresses which were purchased on ebay. Unfortunately miss mary is a bit confused on who the creators were and can not give credit where credit is due for the incredible creations. Are they not just gorgeous? Way out of miss Mary’s creative abilities.
Here is Sandy Bear Boyd miss Mary’s travel and companion bear.
Sandy bear is also our resident emotional support bear.
And last but not the least my two best friends Hitty Belle and Hitty Lou relaxing in the yard wearing summer dresses sewn by miss nary
Just saying