Some of our smaller friends

June 17, 2022

These are some of our mattell kelly doll friends

These particular dolls have molded hair. This always makes me smile.When miss Mary’s mother was still with us she had nice displays of a variety of dolls and when we visited with her and miss mary played with her dolls she always complained that she messed up their hairdos. Well not possible with the molded hair dolls. We like them for setting up scenes since miss mary really cannot mess up their hair. Lol.

These scenes were created last year when our.little kelly friends went to the beach. We had a lot of fun setting up these scenes and they were particularly enjoyed by miss Mary’s sister geri who gave the scene her approval. Geris approval of anything creative done by miss mary was so special as miss mary respected geris artistical talents to a great degree.

We hittys enjoyed visiting the Beach last year also. I will post those pictures at a later date but here are a few for right now.

Miss Mary designed and sewed our swimming costumes
Miss Mary also designed and sewed our muumuus and our hats.. Our miss mary really loves to make hats for us.

I hope that you hittys and your persons all get to enjoy the beach also this summer.

Stay safe and cool til I write again

Hitty Ann Raikes

Just saying

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