A flashback to camp forestview

Pictures taken at Camp Forestview last year

Miss Mary had a somewhat not so good week so we did not post this week, she decided to help me today, but we are going to do a flashback to photos taken last year while Hitty Belle and Hitty Lou and I were at camp.

While we were there we did some artwork
We also did some fishing
Hitty Lou and Hitty Belle slept in a tent but I wanted to sleep under the stars , so I did.

Here is a photo taken about 5 minutes ago out here on the porch. Miss Mary is knitting a heavy winter sweater and pant set for sandy bear to wear this winter. She is wearing her summer underwear purchased at a craft show in sc years ago. She is just so doggone cute. Please note shadow keeps guard over us all when we hang out on the porch

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