August 18, 2022

Hitty Ann and sandy have lunch at a dear friends lovely porch

It was a beauteful day and a bittersweet time of lunch without mamas dear twin sister my aunt geri who recently passed away,

Sandy bear prepares for her very first long road trip.

Please note sandy got a new adventure t shirt wear. She is so excited and can not wait to jump Into that backpack, her and shadow will be cuddling in the back seat with mama mary.
Here sandy checks out shadows travel bag to make sure she has everything she needs for the trip.

I am not going on this trip  mama mary will be doing supervision and security with shadow the dog and can not have too many distractions. This is shadows very first long road trip and stay in a hotel, and she has been known to get a bit car sick in the past. She will need a lot of attention.  If all goes well this trip there will be two more trips shortly and I will be going  on those trips for sure.  I  don’t mind. I am sure sandy bear will be a handful for mama mary also . When they get back they may have very big news.  I will post with updates soon.

Everybody stay safe and well.

Love hitty ann raikes


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