Last box has been un packed

October 26th 2022

No posts last two months due mostly to the fact that moving to michigan and unpacking and setting up the new house exhausted mama mary so completely that the teddy stuff did not get unpacked until this week, although sweetie bear and I have been sleeping in mamas room with her. We have been joined by a sweet kitten who used to reside with aunt geri. She is a cute little Grey and white kitty named Olivia, called Ollie for short, she will be sharing our clothing with us. Just one little problem — she has a long tail!- most of our clothing does not have tail holes, her poor little tail has to be tucked up out of the way. She doesn’t seem to mind. She loves all the attention she gets living with us.

Olivia the kitty
Oooo this tail is a problem!
Cuddling up in New pajamas

Our Hitty friends are unpacked, but are awaiting the finishing up of painting a cabinet for them in which they can reside,

Mama mary is in the process of painting an older cabinet for them to use until new room boxes can get built. The old room boxes did not make the cut this move. They had been moved so many times in the past that they were no longer stable or attractive. The plan is to replace them with the same type of boxes one at a time all winter long. Mama gained a lot of experience building the older ones and hopes to do a better job of building this time. It will be her big project after she gets her real life bedroom painted. So much to do. She has the time , it is just the energy that is lacking . Meanwhile the hittys hope to show up in a new post soon as the temporary cabinet is expected to be ready later this week.

Well take care everyone. It has been a long and arduous and emotional journey these last 6 months and we hope to establish “a new normal” soon.

Stay safe

Sandy bear

Just sayin

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