New room boxes near completion

Hello everyone,

Mama mary has been working on assembling and decorating our new living quarters. Lots of finishing touches and details will need to be added but here are some pictures of current progress.

Xtra large roomboxes from were used. They are a pretty good size for us 6 Inch hittys, although of course we would prefer roomier. The room our boxes are in is only 10″ ‘x 10’ . We feel very lucky to have a dedicated dolly space in mama Mary’s real life home.

Next mama mary will be working on the gail wilson hitty doll display we will try to keep you posted.

That’s all for now. Take care and stay safe

Hitty Ann Raikes

Just sayin

One thought on “New room boxes near completion”

  1. It looks like you (and the Hittys and cats and dogs) are having a lot of fun with the process! What a lot of lovely things they have, how nice that you are making them a bigger home.


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