A pretty little storage box

June 20, 2022

Miss Mary’s dear twin sister decoupaged this storage box for me a few years back. She used an unfinished ready made box and a paperback edition of hitty her first hundred years. I keep my special accessories in it.

By the way here is a picture taken tonight of
Sandy bear ready for bed wearing her new onesie knitted by a special lady in England and purchased on ebay.
Shadow the real life dog snuggles with sandy bear. Shadow thinks all pillows should be teddy bear shaped.

Yall take care. Stay safe.

Hitty Ann Raikes

Just saying

A few more of my friends

June 18, 2022

Well Here she is – the world renowned Miss Piggy. She is our hero because this pig knows how to have fun!!!
Two more of my molded hair kelly doll friends. They are wearing crocheted dresses which were purchased on ebay. Unfortunately miss mary is a bit confused on who the creators were and can not give credit where credit is due for the incredible creations. Are they not just gorgeous? Way out of miss Mary’s creative abilities.
Here is Sandy Bear Boyd miss Mary’s travel and companion bear.
Sandy bear is also our resident emotional support bear.
And last but not the least my two best friends Hitty Belle and Hitty Lou relaxing in the yard wearing summer dresses sewn by miss nary
Just saying

Some of our smaller friends

June 17, 2022

These are some of our mattell kelly doll friends

These particular dolls have molded hair. This always makes me smile.When miss Mary’s mother was still with us she had nice displays of a variety of dolls and when we visited with her and miss mary played with her dolls she always complained that she messed up their hairdos. Well not possible with the molded hair dolls. We like them for setting up scenes since miss mary really cannot mess up their hair. Lol.

These scenes were created last year when our.little kelly friends went to the beach. We had a lot of fun setting up these scenes and they were particularly enjoyed by miss Mary’s sister geri who gave the scene her approval. Geris approval of anything creative done by miss mary was so special as miss mary respected geris artistical talents to a great degree.

We hittys enjoyed visiting the Beach last year also. I will post those pictures at a later date but here are a few for right now.

Miss Mary designed and sewed our swimming costumes
Miss Mary also designed and sewed our muumuus and our hats.. Our miss mary really loves to make hats for us.

I hope that you hittys and your persons all get to enjoy the beach also this summer.

Stay safe and cool til I write again

Hitty Ann Raikes

Just saying

Outdoor photo shoot

June 16, 2022

It is very hot already this morning but our producer miss mary decided to get going as early this morning as we could to miss the worst of the heat

Picture of scene being prepared.
All 3 dresses were sewn by miss mary from hanky panels.
Hitty Belle and hitty Louise relax in the shade
Hittyann plants her cacti garden with the help of her little beagle Daisy . daisy is a handcarved wooden dog produced by Robert raikes.

All in all it was great to spend some time outdoors in the fresh air

Preparing for an outdoor photo shoot

June 15, 2022

preparing for an outdoor photo shoot

Dear friends,

This is so exciting. After what seems like eons miss mary is making preps for us to be involved in a photo shoot, today involved us picking out wardrobe items to be worn for said photo shoot.

Closet room box
Rack with summer dresses
My two best friends

Hitty Louise
Raikes and Hitty Belle
Raikes who will also be appearing in the photo shoot gather with me to choose our dresses
We are also choosing hats as we will be shooting outdoors and must protect our complexions

We will be preparing this evening and actually do the the shoot early on Thursday morning before it gets too hot outdoors.

Take care and stay safe.

Hityy Ann Raikes and friends

Just saying !

Hello World

Here I am wearing a lovely dress sewn by Patricia Brooks and a hat handmade by my person Miss Mary

The lovely picture was handstitched by Miss Mary’s dear mother Grandma Ruth who also had adopted a Raikes Hitty and was a dear friend of mine. I used to fly to Bridgeville Pa from Rock Hill, SC often to visit with them. Such sweet memories of good times.

My name is Hitty Ann Raikes. I am a 6 1/2″ handcarved wooden doll produced by Robert Raikes. Miss Mary and I do not travel so much any more due to real life problems but I am hoping her and I can have a few close to home adventures and photo opportunities which I can share here on my new blog.

I was adopted by Miss Mary on March 27th, 2004 while she was in attendance at a luncheon sponsored by Land of Sky Doll Club of Western North Carolina which was held at the Deer Park Inn at the Biltmore Estate in Ashevilke, NC.

I was actually the table prize and Miss Mary was randomly chosen to be my person. She was thrilled beyond words to have been the selected winner.

Since I was her very first Hitty to be adopted I became her “official travel doll”

Such a happy moment
Just saying!!